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Welcome to the Function 2012 website

The party is over!


2012. 10. 02. - So that was it.
So that's all, folks. We're safe to say, that as in previous years, thank you. For results, releases, photos, etc., click here.
2012. 09. 23. - Our new sponsor!
We announce the Hungarian game developer Digital Reality as a sponsor of Function 2012.
2012. 09. 22. - New metal!
We've updated the specs of the main compo PC (GTX580 got in).
2012. 08. 13. - The other seminar...
... has arrived as well, straight from Poland! Check it out!
2012. 08. 04. - Oh hello.

So here we go once again. This time we hoped to put out all the information you may need about the party on the site as soon as we can - one seminar is still missing, but info about it will arrive in the next few days hopefully. Trust us, it's worth the wait.

The big thing this year we'd like to inform you of is that we've been granted the permission to screen you one of this summer's most interesting films: Indie Game: The Movie. This film, chronicling the development of several seminal successful independent games, have already been awarded with numerous prestigious titles and will probably resonate with a lot of the sceners (and future game developers) attending.

So now it's time to register and keep on working on those releases, yo!