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Again we will supply you with interesting seminars, in both languages!

Havok Moments - Rábel Tamás, Havok

As today's game development companies are constantly pushing the boundaries, moving on to new markets with time and financial budgets getting tighter and tighter, it's no wonder that third party solutions are getting more and more popular. In this seminar, we are going to take a look into the technology behind Havok to see what it takes to be a leading developer of game middleware. We will learn about the technical challenges which arise in cross-platform game development and some interesting solutions Havok employs.

This seminar will be performed in Hungarian.

Game Development in the Big Leagues - Łukasz Migas, People Can Fly (an Epic Games studio)

Ever thought about how to turn your spare time demoscene projects into a gamedev job? Why demoscene experience may be beneficial to your gamedev career? What to focus on to have an easier start in the industry? Why working for the industry is an awesome experience but may be troublesome and definitelly is not "playing all day in my favorite game and getting paid for that"? These and other questions will be answered during a presentation given by a guy who started as a demoscener (ex-Haujobb, Addict), and has been working on games like Bulletstorm and the upcoming Gears of War.

This seminar will be performed in English.